Danji Thotapalli

Danji Thotapalli is Chief Curator at Indica Pictures. He is a senior global technology sourcing professional with a passion for cinema. Having spent the past 10 years at major Hollywood studios – previously at NBC Universal and Sony Pictures – Danji understands the power of film and the extent of its reach. In addition to working in Hollywood, Danji has been associated with the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles for about 12 years, and comes with a deep insight into all facets of running a film festival such as community outreach, sponsorship/funding, event management, programming and media relations. Currently, Danji volunteers as a Vice President at ManaBadi, a reputed Telugu-language school in the US, and responsible for ideation and implementation of value-added curricular and extra-curricular programs. Danji is passionate about pre-Buddhist Andhra history, and enjoys immersive experiences that blend modernity with tradition.