Launch of Anveshana

Indica Pictures, a platform of Indica, nurtures filmmakers, photographers, and visual media professionals by providing research grants, hosting talks, workshops, courses, masterclasses and conducting the popular Indic Film Utsav. Indica Culture Photography Grant (ICPG) is focused on the emerging genre of Indian cultural photography (pilgrimages, handloom fabric/fashion, festivals, living traditions/rituals, indigenous people, food/cuisine and living art forms). The final outcome of the grant is determined to be a coffee table book to showcase the talent of the grantees.

In June 2021, ICPG invited photographers to apply for the grant. As part of the invitation process, applicants were asked to submit an online grant application and provide an online folder with past portfolios.

ICPG received 93 submissions from towns and cities across India. In August 2021, the ICPG Jury Board consisting of Arvind Chenji, Sapna Reddy, Udit Kulshrestha, Kumar Kanchu, Ryan Lobo and Prudhvi Chowdary – all eminent photographers and visual artists was formed. The ICPG Jury Board diligently reviewed all qualifying proposals.

The selection methodology consisted of review of applicants’ previous work. Uniqueness in content – visual style, story, idea, treatment, as well as demonstration of passion were given importance in the selection process. Personal interviews were held with a penultimate list of 14 contenders. In September 2021, the ICPG 2021 Grantees consisting of Manish Lakhani, Sankar Sridhar, Sudip Maiti, Abdul Munaff, Isaac Gergan, Himadri Sharma (Late), Devika Sukumaran and Pubarun Basu were announced. Financial grants totaling INR 5,00,000 were provided to the grantees. The selected grantees were required to adhere to the strictest code of ethical practices. Under the guidelines, no harm or hurt was to be carried out by the grantee either to the environment, people, infrastructure in any way during the shooting of their portfolios.

After 18 months of kickstarting ICPG, INDICA and Dhi Artspace are proud to announce the launch of Anveshana, a Coffee Table Book produced under the auspices of Indica Culture Photography Grant 2021. Anveshana is focused on Vanavasi, Sancharavasi and Gramavasi Communities of India.

Anveshana is published under Indica’s Chitraayana platform. The vision of Chitraayana is to assemble a passionate and knowledgeable set of scholars and photographers, each one a storyteller and a Yaatri, to document and share India’s rich cultural heritage through a series of coffee table books.

Date – Jan 12th 2023
Timings – 5pm to 630pm
Location – Dhi Artspace 7-1-54/2/C, Sri Guru Krupa, Dharam Karan Road, Ameerpet, Hyderabad 500 016.

This is a public event and all are welcome