Indica Pictures announces a Cultural Photography Grant Scheme

Indica Pictures, a platform established by Indic Academy for visual media, is proud to announce its first annual photography grant totalling INR 5,00,000, consisting of 7 individual grants ranging from INR 50,000 to INR 1,50,000.

Promoting the medium of photography, the grant will function as an enabler to photographers across all stages in their careers. 

Focusing on personal expressions in photography and visual mediums, the primary aim of the grant is to document the rich cultural heritage of India, allowing participation by practitioners and enthusiasts alike to serve the cause of promoting a diverse, inclusive and pluralistic society. 

The grant process will facilitate mentoring, knowledge dissemination, community participation and nurturing ecosystems in the genre of cultural photography. We also seek to build greater interaction between masters, mid-career and amateur photographers on one hand, and creative art professionals and historians, and anthropologists, encouraging a cross-disciplinary practice. 

Photographers focused on the cultural genre and keen on advancing their careers can expect to receive professional guidance, mentorship, assistance, and resources apart from potential new projects. 

Speaking about the project, Danji Thotapalli, Chief Curator of India Pictures said, “This is our very first attempt to nurture talent in the creative field of photography and enhancing visual literacy. With technological advancements breaking barriers, there are photographers from diverse backgrounds and experience, using mobile phones to high end professional cameras capturing compelling visuals. The grant is therefore designed to appeal to mid-level and senior practitioners of photography apart from the young and emerging talent and is a humble beginning in the genre of cultural photography.”